Amazon Account Health

Oxford Win deliver Amazon account health management to provide your customers with a satisfying experience with you and to improve your selling. We provide dedicated team to our client to understand the in-depth of their business to make a outstanding Account Health Management for Amazon strategy. Oxford Win is the best Digital marketing agency which uses the new technology and regenerates the marketing strategy and makes them dynamic to come over the problem which comes in a growing business.

According to Amazon:

  • You need to maintain a ‘Good’ account health rating and address all the policy violations within a given time. 
  • If your AHR is ‘Critical’ or ‘At Risk’, your account may get deactivated. 

In order to avoid such issues, you need to abide by Amazon’s policies, terms, and applicable guidelines. Along with that, you have six important account metrics you need to monitor, out of which three are extremely important. 

The top three metrics and their benchmarks are as follows:

  • Order defect rate < 1%
  • (Pre-fulfillment) cancel rate < 2.5%
  • Late dispatch rate < 4%